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Please contact me directly for custom orders not available on this platform. I make lots of other home decor items - Etsy does not allow certain items to be sold on their platform, but I am happy to work with you directly.
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I have worked with fabrics for years....beginning with odd jobs for friends who "insisted" that I could do things I had never considered :)
But, I needed those jobs....I loved working from home and creating things...and being able to spend time with my family instead of working for someone else.
So, I accepted many jobs---without even being sure of myself....just somehow knowing that I would be able to make it work!
Eventually, I was called on to work with a few local decorators, where I spent several years creating drapery, bedding and occasional slipcovers for their clients....learning so much as the jobs changed and became more difficult. In the beginning, it was all about "survival"...
But, even working with decorators was not always consistent...there were times that were just not busy...and, if decorators did not have clients, then I had no job.
Usually, those "unbusy" times were after decorators had more than enough work for me right before the holidays, but they took extended breaks from work in January----which threw me and my family into the "what do I do now?" mode...
I had been introduced to "etsy" by my daughter....who had asked me to take a look at an item she wanted to purchase...and, it was after that introduction that I considered the thought of maybe trying to create things myself...for individual buyers...and maybe, just maybe...there would be someone interested in making a purchase from me.
So---I made a few pillows and thought I would just list those pillows and sell them...then, make more...and I would add new pieces as I sold the others. I knew not a bit about what I was doing :) ...but the wonderful world of etsy clients helped me through that time---asking for the possibility of a different fabric or color....and even a different, truly, my etsy shop began out of necessity for a job....and a love of doing what I enjoyed...and requests from a few clients who just "knew I could do it"! It is wonderful to have someone believe in you and your gives you a wonderful feeling of self-worth and pride in your talents...but, yet, only you understand and remember each day the humbleness of your simple beginnings...
I am honored and thankful each day to have the wonderful etsy clients that believe in me and my ability to create the items they desire...

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